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Mama, this is another entry for you to ignore. So I am rereading A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton for the second time in two weeks. That woman knows how to write a hot love scene, by golly. Talk about a “fertile” imagination. The main character has not one love interest, not two, […]

Big, Bigger, Biggest

‘>Sid has become a bonafied porn photographer, woohoo! Okay, not really, since three BBW photoshoots does not a porn photographer make, but it sounds so much more interesting when I say it that way, and also maybe using the word “porn” a bunch of times will increase traffic to this unloved little corner of the […]

Denis Leary looks more and more like a proboscis monkey every day?  

Jaws of life

Very little happens when you are between paychecks, for money makes the world go round, and keeps you flush with starchucks mocha light frapuccinos and “souvenirs” of your day’s travels, which is how I like to think of all the random and by-and-large unneccesary miscellany I tend to buy every time I leave my apartment. […]

Well, today I learned how to help save young lives through a Red Cross training course in infant/child CPR. That was nice. Then I did something really impressive: I got a $90 area rug for less than $15 at an Urban Outfitters! Now, I generally dismiss UO as thriftstore chic for the hopelessly lazy or terminally stoopid […]