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Everyday I learn something new in this city. Today, for instance, I learned things about the subway: Even though stations A and B are connected on the MTA maps by a pretty line of the same color, and said map indicates train X does stop in stations A and B, sometimes, just because (say, it’s […]

Oh, Damn.

Does anyone not agree that this is the finest man in the world? I’m leaving now, I swear!

The New New Plan, Part II

Oh Lawd, y’all, I almost had a fit just now. I tried to put on a skirt I wore the other day and couldn’t get it past my hips, and damn near died. ‘Cause for real, I wore that thang just a couple of days ago, and I could not believe I gained that much […]

The New New Plan

Today I need to take care of a whole lotta isht. I had a new plan for the weekend that involved many things, like to get up at 9 and get going, but it’s 10:30 now. This is the new new plan. In no particular order. I have to start my diet and exercise regimen […]

There and back again.

Well, Sid made it to Philly in one piece. A strange twist of fate led to me being driven there in a livery cab, one of the ubiquitous Lincoln Town Cars you see blocking all the damn intersections between midtown and the Upper Blank Sides. That was nice. Strange, but nice. You think it’s awkward […]