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toothy Originally uploaded by niarain. At the moment, Blogger is trippin’, so I will leave my photo aspirations be for now. Once I figure out all the finer points of my new phone, however, I will finish the three (three!) posts I’ve started this week and never finished…now with photos! Woohoo!

Sex on Wheels

Sigh. I will never have it. I did fun things this weekend, but honestly I am too lazy and distracted to post on them right now. Maybe later tonight. In the mean time, click the link and fantasize with me…

Do me a favor…

Google “nessacary.” Yes, there are that many no-spelling assmonkeys in the world. They can’t all be typos.

I do not condone mocking children.

That’s just cruel. I do, however, think it’s kinda funny when children who have a tenuous grasp on spelling decide to expound upon Big Political Issues and start stumping for Bush. Is that wrong? Poll time: Leave a comment–should I remove this post out of respect for the other blogger’s age (she’s only 14) , […]

Mmmm, Sushi.

I wake up, I eat, I shower, I work, I sleep. These are the actions that make up my day. They are not always in this order, but usually, they all occur, eventually. This, as you can see, is not all that exciting, so I have been trying to come up with things to make […]