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Bloggidy bloggidy blog blog

Thanks to the little camera in my cellamaphone, I have been slacking on the blog of late. So easy to post a picture, you know. But I really have been doing lots of things over the last week or three that I feel the need to share. So here they are, in one summary post, […]

Thank god I came of age before the IM

This post is hilarious. I’ve seen my younger male cousins pull all of the isht she mentions, with some success, and I think it’s such a shame so many young girls respond to this behavior. Wish more were as on top of their isht as this one.

Three-in-one for Will

sammich Originally uploaded by Siddity. How’s three in one? An ice cream sandwich with a single bite taken out, something royal blue, and a metro sign (that’s the 8th Ave local, in case you were wondering–teehee). Thank you, thank you very much. *bows* Who’s next? Bring it!

I Heart Huckabees

Here’s your triangle, Saff. Triangles. It’s filled with triangles. Or maybe the Jaffes would say, er, blankets. Hm. I saw it tonight in the middle of my photo mission, all spur of the moment, and I am so glad I did. A few years back, 2002ish, if you had asked me what my favorite film […]

Bitchin’ Kitchen

bitchin’ kitchen Originally uploaded by Siddity. Crap view of my kitchen for TBNY.