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Randomosity Part Deux

1. Scott Weiland is one sexy MF. GOT-DAMN! While I was relaxing with my folks turkey day eve, I watched MTV, something I haven’t done with any consistency since, oh, 1999. And a Velvet Revolver video came on. And I nearly peed myself with excitement! Holy christnuggets, even in the throes of a junkie fit […]

I’m such a liar.

Know what’s funny? That, for the past hour or so, blogger has been actin’ all crazy, so I was copying all the text I wrote before trying to post, justincase something went wrong, ’cause I get scary when my post gets deleted and I have to type it again. Except for this last post, right […]

Liberal, TMBG listening minds

Think alike. The lyrics to They Might Be Giants’ “Kiss Me, Son of God,” would have made one hell of a Bush theme song. I was going to post on that, then forgot, then rembered it again, then went to look for a copy of the lyrics to cut and paste, and then found it […]


So yesterday, post workout, I hit the Starbucks at 75th and Broadway and I think I saw Wayne Brady there, trying to go incognito in shades and a hat, but still grinning so hard it looked like his face would crack. Could there possibly be two high-booty brothers that happy in the world? And why […]

So, again, on my post-election post, a comment: Anonymous said… Oh man, you need a lesson in international politics, economics and foreign policy.You seldom attack the strong – you attack those that will give you strategic positioning during a war. Guess which was the country the US attacked after Pearl Harbor? It was the French […]