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I’m a travelin’ foo’. I’ll post pics and notes upon my return. Have fun with yer partays!

I guess it’s a start. But I really don’t think we need to Sharptonize Kwanzaa. I mean, how much legitimacy can be given a holiday where the personification is a Shaft lookalike, and the sidekicks have names like Diz Bop? I mean, yes, Christmas features some ridiculous isht–hello, claymation reindeer with glowing noses, little people […]

Tonight, Sushi meetup at Blue Ribbon, 8 p.m. Be there or be…somewhere else. This might be my last post for a few days, as I will be trying to hit every state in the Union between now and Jan. 2. This will be the last time, for a long time, that I have two days […]

Fools who got my pressure up.

T-Mobile’s rebate department. After waiting 2 months for my $50 phone rebate (for a phone that, though it does take pictures, tends to drop calls, get a screwed up, Etch-a-Sktch looking external display, and just stops getting reception at all if I take it below ground, even after I come back above ground, so I […]

Slither Originally uploaded by Siddity. So, I’m thinking of doing a sort of photo scavenger hunt, but instead of sending people to places, I’ll take pictures of places for people to identify! And each correctly identified place will be a clue that leads you to, um, a meeting place, and time. And…and the benefit to […]