The Notebook…

…just made me weep like a little b-tch. I can’t even write b-tch in good conscience after watching it. That Rachel MacAdams is so durn cute. And Ryan Gosling is what X would totally call my “secret squirrel” type–the type of guy I would normally deny up one side and down the other I like but who is my kryptonite. Ahem.
I am so ashamed. Sniff.

Oh god, tomorrow I will look like a little tomato-nosed, puffy eyed ball of disgruntlement.

This is why I don’t watch romances.

Happy Friday.

10 Responses to “The Notebook…”

  1. 1 K.

    My mother called me in tears one night and proceeded to give me a full recap of that movie. I’m glad she did, so that when I finally rent it, I’ll be able to get through it tear-free and stoic-like. Maybe.

  2. 2 Berry

    I have that one in my Net.flix queue but I pushed it down because it seems too sappy for me. I might have to bump it back up…it does kind of intrigue me….

  3. 3 notyouraverage....

    i was told it was that good. gonna have to pick up the tape.

  4. 4 Rhapsodi

    Tears? Romance? Oh hell no. Can’t see that one. Nope sure can’t. *slam*

  5. 5 The Lone Rangers

    Dragged to see it, kind of disappointed in the lack of car chases and the war scenes didnt last long enough, but enjoyed it.


  6. 6 Viv

    I think that if I see that movie, I’ll probably be obnoxiously drunk and making enough smart-ass comments to get thrown out of wherever I’m at.

  7. 7 Zantiferous3

    I’m so mad at the “secret squirrel” reference!! LMAO you are so crazy!!!

  8. 8 Zantiferous3

    *GASP* so ironic that you mentioned this, I just semi-halfway-watched this and STILL was almost crying like a baby from the half of the movie that I saw. LOL

  9. 9 Mary

    Okay Sid. I’m going to have to ask you to post something new, mmmkay? So get on that.

    Thank ewe.

  10. 10 a.

    I was crushing hard on Ryan Gosling after seeing that film.

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