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Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

I got sidetracked at Fairway today. I have been deliberately avoiding the cheese department for the last month or so, but for some reason, today I gave in to its siren call. I am so weak. But I love my cheese! My haul: 1. Mauri duetto al walnuts, according to the Fairway label–Mauri brand blue […]

Cars Cars Cars

I went to the NY International Auto Show today. Hot damn, do I love auto shows. I don’t even know why, because I essentially pay someone $12 to let me run around looking at cars I can’t afford and won’t be able to test drive. Still, I love auto shows. All the shiny cars! I […]

saag2 Originally uploaded by Siddity. Your esophagus might want to kick your ass, but more than likely, the rest of your digestive tract will be all, “Thanks for the fiber!”

Bitch-in-Kitch V: Saag

Loaf Originally uploaded by Siddity. Sid: After two weeks of intensive behavior modification therapy, I feel Loaf has improved his attitude enough to present this one on his own. Loaf, take it away. Loaf: Namaste, my friends! This week, the lovely and gracious Miss Sid and I would like to present you with our recipe […]

Brain farts.

1. Dear C/Katherine of Synergy, Thank you for being the first Synergy employee, in the nearly six months I’ve been a member, to actually take steps to correct the little computer glitch that gets me stopped every two weeks. Everyone else just said, oh, sorry, we’ll take care of it, don’t worry. You know, every […]