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All kinds of stupid.

Until rather recently, I was under the impression that I am a relatively well-balanced person. Lately, however, I can’t figure out where I end and the shitstorm around me begins. And what’s worse is, I can’t tell whether or not I’m imagining the shitstorm. Eh. Which is to say, if you haven’t noticed, I am […]

This makes no sense.

PC games I’ve seen while researching educational software: “Easy ABC,” listed as suitable for ages 8 months+ Let me know when you meet an 8 month old who has mastered his own bowels, let alone vowels. Or a computer. “Help Me 2 Learn” This doesn’t even need explanation. With that title, I’m guessing you can’t.

Note to Kellogg’s cereal makers.

Please to make your Red Berries and Vanilla Almond Special K cereals less delicious. This would make it easier to eat the 3/4 cup (approx. 17.5 flakes plus 3.64 berries/almonds) servings you recommend. It is impossible to eat so little of a cereal that tastes like Frosted Flakes with nuts. Thx.


Should you be someone I may know in real life, and yet are not someone I met because of my blog, and I have not alerted you to the existence of said blog and/or have especially not given you the damn URL and you find yourself reading it, ever: Keep that shit to yourself. I […]

And ANOTHER thing!

Never use the phrase, “I’ve heard a lot about you,” when talking to someone, unless the phrase immediately following it is “all good, of course.” Certainly don’t use it twice. That’s just fucking shitty. Pretend to have some couth.* Shit. *Okay, yes, I did just write “have some couth.” Pay attention to the underlying message. […]