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Diets require that you trick yourself into believing crazy things. Things like, “Oh no, this piece of cardboard topped with spreadable plastic and vegan jerky is really quite delicious. It almost tastes like pizza!” Or “You know, I quite like eating healthy foods. It makes my system feel all clean.” Unfortunately, not being fat is […]

Dear Keidra:

About this “Queens of the Stone Age” you love and so kindly sent me… I fucking love them! /\::::::/\ =^8^= This would be superhappymangakitty face. I can’t think of anything I might like as much…except, maybe, Annoying Office Singalong Mix! Goddamn, woman. Grace Jones, Queen, Digital Underground and Faith No More on one mix? A […]

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m back.

Saw the fam on Friday night/Saturday, and managed to avoid weeping at inappropriate times. Worked Sunday and Monday, and managed to avoid weeping at inappropriate times. Somewhere in there, I had time to finally watch Mansquito, and my main reaction was this: “Has nobody heard of Off Skintastic? Avon Skin So Soft? Citronella candles, bitches? […]


For everything. I’ll be off for a few days. Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

Today can totally blow me.

Fuck the whole day. Just fuck it. With a screwdriver. Today is the first day in about ten years that I’ve woken up in fear for the life of a loved one. So it can just go straight to hell in a baby basinet. These are the other fucked up fucking bullshit things that can […]