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I just saw Batman Begins

First movie I’ve seen in a while that received applause at the end. I liked it immensely. Enough that I’m wondering if I should cough up the $15 to see it in Imax at the last showing tonight. But I may just be in the mood for dark and brooding violencia. Three thoughts: 1. Christian […]

My last post for today, I swear.

Last night I dreamt I was engaged to some guy I don’t know and we were all set to walk down the aisle and I had a huge motherfrigging cushion-cut diamond ring and I just could not do it. So he waited. And I dragged all my friends over to the trendmonkey shop run by […]

So there.

Dear men,

What the shit is wrong with you people? Sorry, that started wrong. I’ve been reading that there Ross fella’s blogs on rape, and anytime you get a bunch of guys talking about rape, usually somebody says something that pisses me off, or reminds me of something that happened that pissed me off in the past, […]

I found him via Screed, who found him via Bitch. Ph.D.. They were lauding him for this post, understandably. It should be required reading for men of reproductive age, seriously. And the rest of his blog is just as genius. I just felt the need to spread the love. Now, if only I could get […]