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I used to be a people person.

At least, I thought so. But today, sitting at at table with three wonderful dinner companions, I realized I seem to have lost the knack for making small talk. I think I’m spending too goddamn much time alone or dealing with people I cannot have genuine conversations with. So I just can’t do it anymore, […]

I just watched this frenchy-franceypants movie about two people being selfish, irresponsible assholes. See, they were kids, and got along, and had a game where they dared each other stupid shit all the time. And then they grew up. And dared each other to do stupid shit all the time, but with more grown-up type […]


One pair, in my size, at Harry’s on 83 and Broadway, for $39. $39! Bwahahahahaaaa! I love sales.

Screw the jihadis.

This is the kind of thing that pisses me off about this country, and I love the hell out of this piece. It’s a chicken finger sliced in half lengthwise, bitches. That does not–I repeat, does NOT–warrant a renaming, branding, and multi-million-dollar media campaign featuring some asshole in a chicken mask leading a rock band, […]

which involved lots of lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, weirdo pull-up machine thingums, reverse crunches, and a nice 40 minutes of hot cardio action, I hurt. I hurt so much that walking is a challenge, lifting my arms is something I’ve reconsidered at least three times in the last 30 minutes since I woke up, […]