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Wheeeeeeee! He won!

See, Jamie, this is why you should have gone to Yale instead of Harvard. We luhs you the mostest. But you dropped out of the bastid farm (for brown men, anyway), so all is forgiven. Congrats, you sexy thang! Also, holymuddafug! Broke his neck? Zoster? Wha?

This is tragic

Amazing how quickly a single event can bring such great destruction to a city, or in this case, a whole region. Here’s hoping y’all down in Mississippi and Lousiana are safe!

Bah, Monday was my last day of vacation. This displeases me. You know those people who say they just wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t work, that they’d keep working even if they came into money? I’m not one of them. I could probably be good at being idle rich for […]

There just are no words.

I keep giving great heaving sighs. I can’t even work up a good rant. I just…jesusfuckingchrist. Asstards. Hipster asstards. Via Maryann. Go for the asstards. Stay for the “Jellyman Kelly”! Edit: Okay, so I found the words. I’m no stranger to socially crossing racial boundaries. And as an Ivy-grad, I’m certainly no stranger to the […]

A recipe for childhood revisited.

Unlimited Koolaid (red) Elios pizza, toasted VHS video What’s yours?