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The District.

So. I took the Amtrak choo choo both ways, and a rousing gloryamenandhallalujah to that. The trip down on Friday only clocked about 3 hours and change. No time stuck in NY/NJ/PA/MD/DC traffic. None. Beauty. When I got in, my BFF met me at the station. BFF is awesome, and has been my BFF forever, […]

Give the muhfuggah anything wrapped in this or this. Seriously. Who thinks this shit up? And shouldn’t they be, you know, ashamed? Oh no they DI-INT! *scurries for credit card to order in bulk*

Of little consequence.

1. I got myself one of those “The Best Girls are Black” tees the other day, as they are at Urban Outfitters once again. They also have “Everybody loves a(n)…” Asian, Irish, Italian and Catholic girls shirts too. Funny how not everybody loves a black girl. But we are the best, I guess that will […]

Paralyzed by indecision

Okay. I need to get to D.C. on Friday, returning Sunday. My new part-time budget means I can only take a train one way (since these crazy bitches charge anywhere from $100-$200 to travel between NYC and D.C. one way, pfft., so round trip on the choo-choo express could theoretically set me back, like, $300, […]

In my write meme

Courtesy of Mister William: Instructions: Set iTunes to shuffle. Ask the following questions, and hit ‘next song’. The title of the song will be the answer to your question. Question: What do you think of me, playlist? Answer: “Love is Stronger Than Pride,” Sade Analysis: I hate this meme already, lol. Question: Will I have […]