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Is it wrong…

…that I want my name on the wall at this place before I leave New York? I mean, considering I’ve never been there before and I have roughly 20-24 weeks before I leave town, and this bar is way out of my prowling range, it would take a lot of dedication. Meh.

Gah! I WANT!

Okay, so I saw that cutey-cute-cutery pendant Mary got from her boss and thought, “Oh hey, I should check out the Tiffany & Co. website.” That was stupid. Because now I want everything. Especially the Titanium cuff and ring. And the Paloma Picasso crucifix. Sigh. Anyhoo. I’ve gone and spent my money on more necessary […]

Dear FM urban radio affiliates: Hire Ms. X to deliver your traffic reports. Because hearing her go “Oh no, this is not the ‘everybody get in front of X’s truck’ show!” and “A stretcher? Oh no, not a stretcher! Aw!” are the only kinds of traffic reports I ever want to hear, ever again. Thx, […]

Yeah, so…I’m back.

Went to see the folks and sibs, had fun. Once I stepped foot into the ancestral pile (that sounded so dirty) I didn’t leave again for, oh, 48 hours. We did nothing but eat, watch the first season of Lost and sleep. In that order of priority. I watched the whole season in two days. […]

Happy Holidays!

I’m currently enduring the most ridiculous assignment in the history of ever, which means I got nothing to talk about, so I’m gonna check out of the blog scene until after Chrimmuh. Happy holidays! Have some gingerbread and spiked eggnog! Enjoy your families and vacations and parties and gifts and eats and all that other […]