As an addendum…

I feel like men are like puppies: you have to correct their bad behavior immediately, or they just don’t make the connection later, no matter how you spell it out.
So I’m not even sure how to approach this. Just bust out with a big old, "Don’t ever, ever, ever touch me again," next time I see him? Wait until he pulls something else? Go straight to management?
Goddamn I can’t wait to leave this city.

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  1. 1 Viv

    My advice is to tell him right off the bat that you’re not comfortable with that shit. I’m the type of person who marches down there and tells people I don’t appreciate their shit right off the bat instead of waiting because if I wait, I’ll rationalize it into oblivion.

    Or you could wait for him to pull it again. Either way, I’d tell him to knock the shit off first before going to management. But I’m also the type of person who merrily rides into conflict (even though most of the time I try and avoid it).

  2. 2 divine m

    How ’bout “Please don’t pinch me” next time you see him?

    And I suspect people will want to pinch you wherever you go, so leaving this place (though I support it wholeheartedly) will likely not be the end to life’s shit. Sad but true.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    Upfront is best. I’d just tell him straight. Happens again; you’re valorized in whatever you choose to do. And I mean whatever you choose to do…. Hi Sid. -Rob

  4. 4 The Soviet

    Yup. Right at the time is the only way to go. Otherwise, they get into this whole, “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” BS and then try to make it sound like it’s YOUR fault.

    And it is never, ever, our fault. it’s always his.

  5. 5 Anonymous

    I would say something immediately! Its best that way. It can be said in a tactful way but it needs to be addressed at that moment. I remember I was at a training session. The instructor was very nice – we went to lunch (I just thought he was friendly) – he offered to give me some additional information after the class for my business (i thought – how nice)! Well, that was before he came up behind me as i was sitting there and started rubbin on me. I tried not to jump out of my skin – but to calmly move away and then tell her that was NOT ok. He was embarrased and apologized. It has to be addressed…

  6. 6 Anonymous

    ok- i read the other post. I didn’t realize it was the doorman. Yeah – a stern look and a please don’t do that would suffice. Carmen

  7. 7 stolie

    Yep. Tell him once, FIRMLY, and then it better never happen again. If it does, tell management. You’ve given him fair warning.

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