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I have lost my goddamned mind.

I spent the day with the folks a little ways up the coast. We had a little pre-birthday family time (pizza, ice cream. Yes, it was all my choice. When I’m with my folks, I become 15 again. What?) We also did a little shopping. I really, really needed a new bag for the upcoming […]

Travel Bag Heaven

Must resist temptation. !!!

My eyes! MY EYES!

Today, I had my annual eye exam. They dilated my pupils. See? Normally my eyes are very brown. But right now they are drowning black with a tiny, tiny ring of brown around the edges. It’s freakin’ me out. Also, everything up close is blurry. This is what life will be like when I hit […]


So…I just did a run through of my tax situation. Last year I paid out about $11,000 in all taxes–federal, state, local, SS and Medicare. As this is a rather significant chunk of my salary, I just knew I’d be getting a hefty refund this year. I mean, seriously. And yet I find I’ll owe, […]

Wantwantwant it!

I LOVE Totoro! I really didn’t need to know this existed. It’s $168. But if you’re feeling particularly generous, I live at…