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Which is perhaps why I almost took a lover today. *Snort. I can’t believe I just used that phrase.* I considered it, very seriously, then called it off at the last minute (okay, hourish) because the situation really just wasn’t right. Or wise. Or something. But I’m still considering the arrangement, in general. And it […]

I saw Night Watch yesterday.

It is not in fact a horror film. It certainly isn’t frightening. Even the idea of Armageddon has been scrubbed nearly clean of religion or faith, and therefore, at least to my little pre-programmed mind, any real sense of meaning or urgency. It is interesting, though. It’s a good-versus-evil, vampire/shapeshifter/witch and warlock film that isn’t […]


To all members of party staff and crew: Going forward, Sid will be celebrating her half-birthday as well as her actual birthday. Clear August 3 on your calendars. It’s a Thursday this year. Weekends begin on Thursday. Or they will, anyway. That is all. cc:internetswhores


It’s mine now. Because “private” sale + discount code for additional savings = 69% off = Mine. Also, mommy just bought herself one of these pretties at Ricky’s NYC, for the lowlow price of $20, and is right this very moment looking like she just left Dekar’s or Magid’s chair, all on her own steam. […]

You find yourself crying over the tragic circumstances of The Eye 2. The Eye 2, starring Shu Qi, of Transporter fame. “He was a bastard, but he was my father,” Shu Qi. Almost worse than crying over a commercial or a Hallmark card, it is. It really is sad though. ‘Cause see, Shu Qi tries […]