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Please to say this in Scottish brogue for maximum impact. When you outlast (in the chronological sense, darlings, not the boozical quantity sense) the professional drinker–er, chief brand ambassador–for one of the world’s finest whiskies, and these are his parting words to your assembled company (me, Shas and Yana), after gifting the lot of you […]

Lessee. Trouble with the left engine before takeoff, trouble with ve right after. Emergency landing in newark. Long wait. Crap.


I’m off to Chicago for Drinktacular 2006. Excuse, Malt Advocate’s Chicago “Whisky Fest.” When I come back, I’ll likely need Jesus. Same thing every vacation around these parts: resolve to be good and refined and grown up, go, do the opposite of that. Ah, well. Bye-bye!

It’s new feature time at Siddity in the City, wheeeeeeeee! Now SitC comes with new advice-y flavor! This is how it will work: I will go to the “mail bag” and select a totally real, certainly-not-me-pretending-to-be-a-reader dilemma and put it to you lovelies. You, should you be so inclined, can post your advices! See? Joy […]

Rules of Cool. Or at least not Dork.

1. Do not show up an hour late to meeting for any reason. This is inexcusable. 2.Do not, repeat, do not give up booze for diet two weeks before meeting blogger cooler than thou. Or two weeks before WhiskyFest, for that matter (yeah, didn’t know I ain’t been drinkin’, didja?) 3. Do not–DO NOT–fall asleep […]