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Shit is going motherfuckin’ down!

And it better be the numbers on my scale. (I’m almost positive I stole that heading verbatim from this guy who may have been named Ross and who may have operated a blog called “This Blog For Rent” or similar. I recall following some links via a Feministey route and liking his blog, but I […]

Dearest beloved summer:

I need you. I need you like a supermodel needs a Marlboro dipped in meth. I need you like, like, um, like a, um, hmm. Like an office manager needs a Staples catalog! Okay, my love and longing isn’t yet deep enough for me to wax poetic about it, clearly, but would you please hurry […]

I take it all back.

I would totally kiss Jesse Hughes on his tongue. That man is H.A.W.T. He gives good show. No Josh Homme at this gig, but whatevs. Their touring drummer? The bleached blonde chick who KICKS ASS? Just turned me bi. Who am I kidding? I had leanings to begin with. Anyway, thanks to Girlhattan to for […]

Yo, ‘sup?

Man, I got stuff to deal with. And lately, I’ve been dealing by cooking. So no handy-dandy posts have been forthcoming. And I’m just feeling…eh. Maybe I’ll get over it. Maybe I’ll take one of those hiatuses people are so fond of. It’s been a very chill week. I worked almost all of last week, […]

I will kiss (Jesse) the Devil (Hughes) on his… Actually, he’s kinda dirty, so I probably wouldn’t, but I’m sure as hell gonna try to get close enough! SQUEE! Thanks, Girlhattan, for the tiptastical fillinery!