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Or I Could Stay in New York.

I was just offered a position i really want. Here. I might end up here after all. :-/


With Stolie and her fabulous friends. I’d write more, but I am just too tired right now. More tomorrow. I leave you with this shot of my former roomie and Internets Superstar Friend at Cannes, supporting her film. Beauty and grace.

My eyeballs have not stopped ejaculating. This morning it happened in the other eye. I am thoroughly squicked. I have contacted the appropriate authorities and assure you I will be meeting with them tomorrow afternoon in hopes of correcting this, urm, ocular malfunction. Or at least get some little, tiny corks. Speaking of corks… Summer […]


I just blew my nose so hard something came out of the corner of my eye! Oh, nasty. That’s it. I’m hiding for the rest of the day. I can’t have my eyeballs ejaculating in public. Oh, naaaaaaaasty. Happy Wednesday.

My allergies are laughing so hard at me right now. And given the propensity of advertising agencies to anthropomorphize every irritant aspect from phlegm to toenail fungus, I hereby present you with “GodmotherfuckingdamnitifIdon’tstopsneezingIwillKILLsomething,Iswear!” A play in three acts: Sid, spring cleaning: Good heavens, but it is dusty in here. I shall tie a hankie over […]