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A while back, I ordered these shoes from Zappos. I needed a pair of low-heeled dress sandals for summer, you see. I liked the look of the Kimmels so much, I optimisitically ordered two pairs, one in black, one in brown. The two set me back about $150. When they arrived, unfortunately, they fit funny […]

I just saw The Lake House. It wasn’t bad. I liked it enough, given I figured out the whole damn plot 20 minutes in. And I really, really hate when that happens, so the fact that I am admitting to liking it says a lot about this film. I didn’t regret not seeing Tokyo Drift […]

Pecks and Bosh.

Some people may find this blasphemous, but Becks just doesn’t do it for me. See? (Then again…) I think he’s funny looking. And his wife is like Skeletor with a spray tan and some Gucci shades. Actually, I have no idea if those are Gucci or not, I couldn’t be assed to source them. My […]

Save the Internets!

It only takes a second to let your congressmen know how you feel. The Internet is already a moneymaker for anybody with the right skill set. It’s gorgeously egalitartian in that sense. Let’s not let Big Corporations ruin the greatest thing since Solid Gold dancers with their greed. Via Screed.

Birds do it, bees do it.

Procurement of sustenance. Eating. Food. More immediately vital to life than the universal drive to procreate. Never fuck? Your genes die. Never eat? You die. See? Elementary, my dear Watson. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with food, and not in the I-must-not-eat-this/I-must-only-eat-that sort of way. I’ve become fascinated with the culture, the ritual, the politics of […]