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Good thing Steve, Don’t Eat It! Exists. You can thank me for the link later.

But I am watching “Laguna Beach” right now, and a few things strike me. 1. There’s a black girl! How nice! But, why, oh why, does she have such an asstastical weave? I respect her right to have one, but why does it look so bad? Integration was mandated by law years ago, bitches. Damn. […]

Gay is the new pretty.

I’m hopping off the Metro-North train in my parents’ tiny hamlet early this morning, going to celebrate my brother’s birthday. It is miserable, cold and rainy, and I am barrelling toward the warmth of my father’s little sedan when I walk straight into a high school classmate. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since […]

To: All party staff and crew From: You-know-who 1. All partying is henceforth to be conducted in minimum 12-hour shifts. No exceptions. If you can actually physically muster the energy to even consider walking home, if your first thought is not, “How the fuck am I gonna get a cab here/now?!” you stopped too soon. […]

Long time coming.

Plan B has finally been approved for over the counter sale. Granted, OTC sale is just for women over 18. It is still prescription-only for 17-and-unders. (Hey, some progress is better than none.) Members of the religious right are arguing, contrary to all medical evidence, that Plan-B amounts to abortion, no doubt counting on confusion […]