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This cat. See, the thing about East Harlem, aside from the fact that you might get shot, is that it ends at 135th. Our creative housing representative was listing this place on the Manhattan boards, as East Harlem at 145th. That’s not Harlem. That’s not Manhattan. That’s the motherfuckin’ BRONX. Granted, he admits it’s actually […]

Briefly, I consider Philly.

But then, I read this. *returning to slog through Craigslist*

I am SO MAD.

I just saw this apartment ad while searching for apartments online. They are no longer taking applications. OMG. I actually want to cry. You don’t even understand. Then again, if you live in this city, maybe you do. Okay, you know what, after the day I’ve had apartment hunting, I am crying. And now, I […]


Sid would like to give a shout-out to God’s Chosen on this first night of Rosh Hashannah. Apples and honey, muhfuggas! Happy new year! Also, who decided to put a drag queen on the cover of W this month? Oh no, wait. That’s Janet Jackson. My bad. On the Internets: Flowers are too fucking hard. […]

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Once, I would have smarmily insisted I would never leave this island for the boroughs. I disdained The Queens, ignored the Bronx and Staten Island, and swore the only things worth trekking to Brooklyn for were Target and the BMA. *shaking head* Ha. How foolish I have been. Nothing–nothing–on […]