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Eat Up.

I think food has officially jumped the shark. Food obsession in popular culture isn’t exactly new, but we’ve certainly reached a new level of media saturation. Celebrity chefs are everywhere except in the kitchen. Tyler Florence is stumping for Applebees. Tommy Colicchio, when he isn’t busy opening another Craft-y gastrohaunt he won’t actually be working […]


I should be finishing pitch letters, but I am a nervous wreck, because I haven’t heard a peep from the landlord about this apartment. Damnit, it’s been, like, 14 hours since I made the offer. Hell, hell, hell. What if the guy who saw it after me put a deposit down then and there?!? Why […]

After viewing dozens of wrong apartments–dives in great neighborhoods, lovely renos in slums–I think I may have found one that is honestly good enough: a studio in Sunnyside, under $1000, full kitchen and bath, all utilities, Internet and cable included. It’s a relatively small basement apartment, but still. Sixteen minutes from the subway stop to […]

2006, You’ve been great, really.*

But you know, I’m ready to move on. I really think it would be best for both of us if you’d be so kind as to step down for 2007. *sarcasm

Beating a dead horse.

Okay. I am now truly fascinated by the Jeffrey support! One or two could be written off, but four of you have taken time out of your days to speak up in his favor. I’m not in the habit of not at least understanding opposing views. I mean, I “get” the GOP, murderers, real estate […]