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Time a-wastin’.

Best…waster…ever. I just designed a 280 sf. studio, complete with full, though compact, kitchen and bath, bedroom, office and entertainment areas. I miss the Sims, and having an apartment, for that matter, but this will do for now. Also, does anybody else enjoy that TBS show “My Boys” or am I the only dork who […]

Christmas facts.

1. Fruitcake topped with soft boiled eggs, with side of fried Spam, is the official breakfast of Christmas. 2. No matter what you tell your mom, she will buy you three times the number of presents you ask for, because you’re still her little girl. 3. You will send at least one eGiftcertificate to the […]

Murry Chrimmus!

And a happy New Year!

Ho Ho *hic* Ho, my *hic* lovelies!

No work today or tomorrow. Nope. I’m CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Generally, I hate Christmas shopping. I never know what to get, and who qualifies for gifties, and who should just get a card, and if I do get something good I want to keep it so I end up keeping it for myself or if I […]

my recent temp job is about to be “O-V-O-VER!” Hush. It didn’t make a lick of sense when she said it, either. Late-ish nights, long hours, long commute, all about to end, for now, anyway. I’m a little sad. I actually really liked the people I was working for/with. It paid half what my old […]