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Honey is coming back. So far, it’s just a website, but apparently, someone is trying to get it up and running again. Based on the digital representation, I’m sceptical it will be anything approaching its former glory, and it ain’t no Vixen competition, for sure. Things at Honey still look a bit…unfinished, and that’s just […]

Oof. Four days into the new year and it’s already kicking my ass. I need a time out. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what steps to take next in my life. At the moment, I seem to be in a frustrating holding pattern, circling just over what it should be–job, apartment, school, whatever. […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year a few hours early, because I’m not posting again in 2006. I I hope you all have great nights, and that 2007 is filled with more love, happiness and prosperity than the last! *running off to prepare for festivities*