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Sometimes I think the malarkey members of the media get up to is more interesting than anything they report. A 40-something male sports reporter at the LA Times is taking a break to have sexual reassignment surgery. The ongoing identity saga I respect, and I sincerely hope that when Mike returns as Chrisitne, he finds […]

Hot Fuzz.

Best, most (intentionally) derivative, most ridiculous shoot-out ever. You know, if you like that sort of thing. (As an aside: Paddy Considine: Sexay! or Unsexay! Please to respond via comments.)

Misogyny and Mass Murder

Just visited the internet mindspace of three charming geniuses–Miss M, Kiki and the Bear (er, Mike)–and found myself here. I’ve been lax in paying attention to this story–it broke while I was on that Florida trip and then I took a head-in-sand approach to life for a few days. The MoJo article reminds me of […]

Beauty Duty.

I’m interrupting regularly scheduled programming to offer a quickie cosmetics tip: You know all those raves “mainstream” beauty mags gave Nars Orgasm blush, but none but the lightest negress could wear? Bitter like me, because that isht just sat on your apples looking like an ’80s Seventeen cover throwback, bright as hell? Nars Madly blush. […]