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I should be working, but this is vaguely related to my latest freelance gig. If you don’t already read C+D, start. If only for this guy‘s rendition of T-Pain’s “Buy U a Drank.” Tangential: My Humps (Alanis Morissete version) I hate you, YouTube.

In other news.

This has been an awfully odd few weeks. After much (minor) drama and moving around, I’m finally settled. It certainly wasn’t all bad. I spent a week with M, bless her, and we saw Kiki and the Man a few times, the dears. Kiki, whether he realized it or not, delivered a lesson in heterosexual […]

Which is why I am hearing Justin Timberlake’s “Losing My Way” for the first time. Um. If I am not mistaken, this damned song is about the crack rock, or somebody on it. Or maybe meth. Whatever. Justin. Timberlake. You’re tryin’ too damn hard, playa. We get it. You have Street Cred. You know people […]

Off the cuff.

1. Seriously. I am over children. And yet, I currently find myself surrounded by sleeping children. In a library. Can I go a MONTH without somebody’s underage spawn all up in my grill. CAN I LIVE? 2. International Mr. Leather. Break out the goggles and ponchos! Leather, tattoos. Don’t care if they’re gay. I like […]

It’s an awkward mouthful of a title. I don’t much care, though. During a routine call to the fam a few nights ago, I had a casual chat with my high school-age brother. It went something like this: Bro: What’s good, pimpin’? (Yeah…I tried to break him of this particular term of address. Now he […]