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Me, talking to credit reporting agency rep: I’m looking at my report, and everything is up to date, but your website also says I paid something late recently–too recently to be on the report–but you still lowered my credit score. It won’t say waht was paid late, though. But I don’t know what could be […]

TMI Tuesday.

So, yeah, this is a sex post. If you’re squeamish, exit now. If you aren’t, it’s maybe still NSFW. Short version: Real Dolls. Discuss. Long version: So, I’ve encountered quite a few sex toy shops and advertisements in the last month. Some accidentally, some tangentially, some deliberately. For the ladies, our options are pretty limited. […]


Just to add to my cranktacular mood, I just got an email from the Eddie Izzard fan club (yes, I am a member) telling me he’s gigging in New York this week, at…no wait, they were wrong. It’s LA. The Coronet is in LA, on La Cienega, not New York. WTF? Why would they scare […]

Five for Friday 2.0

Yes, it’s Saturday, once again. I’m late to my own party. And because BFF is in town, this is gonna be short and sweet, ’cause we need to get a touristy move on. Five places to ensure your diet dies a quick, painful death: 1. Hout Doug’s: Encased meats, duck fat french fries. Death to […]


Assuming you became a stripper, and you followed ‘hood stripper protocol by choosing a name featuring A) an exotic nation and B) a delicious tasty thing, what would your stripper name be? I’d be Burma Lat’te. Yeah, I know. Blame last night’s refined starches and liquid carbs.