Five for Friday.

Here’s the deal. To keep me on my perfectly self-pedicured toes, every Friday for the rest of the summer, I’m blogging five goodies. Since I’ve already done the legwork on this one, courtesy of a recent freelanced piece which was too limited to include any of the good stuff I’ve been craving or the bad stuff I’ve been tasting, today I’m blogging booze. Yeah, I know it’s technically Saturday. What of it?!

1. Marquis du Sade Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs
It’s tough to find, but if you like your Champagne plenty dry with big, nutty, arresting flavor, this is the one. Think Bollinger–and then amp up the nose and initial impression. I believe my first words were something cliche like “I think I’m in love.” Except…I meant it. I’m over VC. Nicholas Fuillatte Rose never meant that much to me. I belong to the Marquis. If I can scrounge enough cash to buy a case of this stuff to lay down in my non-existent cellar, I will. (FYI: I accept donations. Feel free to send a bottle to this urchin in need.)

2. The French 75
This is your “I’m just having one tonight, promise” drink. Mean it. These will knock you on your darling, summer babydoll-clad ass. I’ve seen the recipe for this one written alternately heavy on the gin and heavy on the champagne. I say adjust both to your own personal tastes. Mine read like this:

2 oz. premium gin (Junipero‘s my fave)
One tsp. sugar (or a teaspoon of simple syrup, or a teaspoon of confectioner’s sugar, but please, no artificial sweeteners)
Juice of one half fresh lemon (Meyer, if you’ve got ’em–they’re so much mellower on the palate than your everyday Sunkist)
Rocks, stir, then strain into a champagne glass, top with a nice brut champagne and a twist and drink. Slowly. It’s serious business.

3. Grey Goose Le Poire
I’m still stalking this one on store shelves. Generally, I’m not a vodka fan, but I do appreciate the Goose. The pear avatar could be outstanding…but I’m waiting for someone else to weigh in before I invest in a bottle.

4. Sophia Mini Banc de Blancs.
Go ahead. I dare you to overlook the gaudy pink frippery and drink this sparkler. From the can. Through the attached straw. In public. Bet you can convince the fuzz it’s that nasty girl Tab with your hand held just so, and that’s almost worth the risk! Too bad the tipple itself is not. But still, points for the extendy-bendy straw. That really classes up the wine in a can concept.

5. Junipero martini, organic, seedless cucumber slice, soda. I know, it’s nothing short of blasphemy to take something as sacred as a Junipero martini and defile it with club soda, but you know what? A shot of ice cold soda in this classic is superior summertime drinkin’. Junipero has a nice set of botanicals on it. Add four quarter-inch slices of cucumber instead of olives, and it’s super refreshing, half the calories of a G&T, all the flavor of a top martini, with a little extra kick.

Bonus: Now that your livers are well pickled, and since we’re talking cukes, make some cucumber water. Best…summer…drink…EVAR. Skip the lemonade, the iced tea, the water with lemon. Chill a pitcher of water in the fridge with cucmber slices (or just the skins if you’re feeling extra gully. *straight face* You know, as gully as a cuke-water drinker can be.). It’s hot out there. Hydrate!

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  1. 1 K.

    I will happily be the guinea pig for Grey Goose Le Poire. I love Grey Goose, though I don’t drink much vodka these days…

  2. 2 Viv

    Mmmmm. I love me some cucumber water. That’s some refreshing stuff. Hopefully soon enough I’ll let you know on the boozy booze.

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