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One of these things is inducing nausea and heart palpitations, and for the love of sweet Christ I can’t figure out which, but heaped on top of my cramps, bloating, and the fact that I am the only one left in my office right now, and you get the recipe for ULTIMATE CUNTINESS. Ugh. Things […]

but for a while there, TrekStor looked like they may have been eligible for the “Worst Named Product of the Year” award, thanks to their newly launched i.Beat Blaxx. Now it’s just called TrekStor blaxx, apparently. Well, nobody protested when they named another product i.Beat P!nk. Maybe they thought no one would realize “beat” is […]

America frightens me.

So, I’m getting my daily dose of the Jez, yeah? And I come across this whole Jeter/Alba/herpes thing. Blahblah celebwhoring blah blah comments, and there are a bunch of people in the comments box acting like herpes is no big fucking deal. Excusemewhat? Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, people think this? I will cut […]

Dear Privacywear,

I appreciate that you’re trying to Be Cool and Do Good Shit. Raising funds to fight breast cancer is noble, and when I get some money, I might try to throw some your way. But seriously? Where the FUCK are the vowels? PRVCY? That’s your logo? Not. Sexy. Fuck sexy. Bring spelling back. Do it […]

I’m tired as hell these days and I definitely have a lot on my mind lately (paying bills, earning money for bills, wondering how the hell I’m going to pay my bills and rent, etc.) but media hasn’t really been one of them. I haven’t been reading mags, even though I’m currently temping for one. […]