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1. You call AAA Airport One/Transline shuttle service and ask if they travel to your destination from the airport. They put you on hold, then come back and tell you to call Rapid Rover. 2. You call Rapid Rover and ask them if they go, and they tell you to call Tropiano. 3. You call […]

1. Your uncle dies over the weekend and you don’t shed a tear, though you feel for your mother’s suffering. 2. You find out your mother has inadvertently donated your favorite vintage wool coat to unknown parties, and you shout “WHY!” and weep openly (though briefly) at your desk. I’m going to Hell. At least […]

On beauty.

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about art lately–collecting, appreciating, valuing–I want you (all three of you) to tell me about your relationship with visual art. Do you collect original works? What sort do you admire? Photography, folk art, local artists, masters? Have you studied? Do you view collecting as an objective in your life, […]

I don’t know which is worse:

The fact that there are people out there buying art worth tens of thousands of dollars for their kids private collections, or that the nine-year-old girl and I have very similar tastes. :-/ h/t Jezebel