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New blogs to lurve!

The Airing of Grievances. Specifically, this post.
h/t to the brilliantlovelytalented Orange Tangerine.

You like me, you really like me!

More than one person has described my relationship with my former job as reminiscent of a woman with an abusive boyfriend.
That may be so, but let’s not talk about that.
Let’s talk about how my new job is like the best boyfriend I never had! I’ve been here over two months now, but I just went […]

Well, that was exhausting.

This week has been…challenging, to say the least. I think I need a little vacation. A vacation from overthinking.

The week in review
Monday: Was informed there would be no more sex for me this year. Overthought. Stressed self (and others*) out.
Tuesday: Enquired after my application status. Radio silence from HR. Overthought. Stressed self out.
Wednesday: Was informed […]

My pay stub, let me show you it.

Not really. But I was finally offered the job! Wooooooot!
I’ve already accepted. Hell, I’ve been there a few months now, what’s to think about?
Money? Check. Benefits? Check. Retirement account? Check.
I am once again suckling at the warm, PPO-scented teat of corporate America. Saints be praised. God doesn’t hate me after all.

I would like to have happy, sticky, consensual sex more often than once per calendar year.
Now, I may be getting my hopes up too high. Not so long ago I was hoping for just once every other year, and failing at that. But goddamnit, if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t receive.
Alas, procuring […]


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