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Mouth, meet foot.

Yesterday, I had coffee with an internetular associate. A sort of getting-to-know-you face time, if you will. Fail. The problem, you see, was that we had become internetularly associated by the vaguest of means–participating in the same chat board conversations, urm, twice, and then becoming Myspace friends, and then essentially not having any online conversation […]


I’m in a place with teh Cable TV and I MISSED THIS? Fuck me.

And to all a good night.

Christmas Eve. I sit, bloated and gorged on the treats on offer at my Connecticut family gathering, pondering my past, present and future. (Yes, it is cliche, thanks for noticing.) As usual, my life is in flux. Big whoop. For now, I’m at the homiest home I’ve known, sipping my mom’s Bailey’s and enjoying a […]

I envisioned having a fabulous job, coming home to an immaculate and stylish city apartment, being magically thin, and having friends over for yummy meals and clever salon conversation (look, I read a lot as a kid, okay? Sod off.). I did NOT envision having the job I have (though I enjoy it and the […]

Hey there.

Click here. And for the record, Monday is not your friend.