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I do, however, feel like reading other people, which I haven’t had time to do in a long, long while.
People I’ll be nosing around today (and maybe you should consider visiting, too):
Saffron over at Nesting Notes.
I don’t read Saff nearly often enough, but when I do, I usually find a mix of gorgeous pics, delicious […]

I…I know it’s wrong but,

I think this kid, if not a hoax, is HILARIOUS.

Did I dream it?

I am fairly certain I just spent the last 30 minutes watching some mythical show called October Road, which has an interracial black female/white male couple AND a chubby chick getting the hot guy while another guy pines for her.
Was it a dream? Will I need a jacket in hell after all? Or were there […]

A little exercise.

I’ve been too goddamned busy at work lately to even keep up with that post on gender and violence during my lunchbreak, but I have grabbed snippets of it here and there.
What’s grabbing me right now is how two of our three male respondents profess not only ignorance of the issues, but claim to not […]

As I was saying…

They kill you. Even better? No matter what, it’s all your fault.
The madness that is Perv Musharraf is a whole other can of fucked-up.


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