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More Etsy love.

If I had a spare grand, here’s how I’d spend it: 1. On this figure by loopyboopy. Chuck would be very happy atop a stack of books in my “library.” 2. More Moschell watercolors! This was named Birdie something last time I saw it online, but unframed, it’s less than half what one of his […]

I’d expected my apartment search here to be akin to that in New York: shady landlords, dodgy rental agents, barely affordable rents for practically unlivable closets in undesirable neighborhoods. I started casing the online listings in December, planning for a March 1 move. I tightened the purse strings (sort of), anticipating an application process that […]

Now that I’ve left New York…

Eddie has decided to grace the city with an extended run. WHY? GODDAMNIT. *weeping* Chicago! WHY NOT CHICAGO?!?!

Healthcare FYI

So yeah, I’m enjoying my annual illness (this early in the year, I’m a bit worried.) Damn you, train coughers and sneezers! KEEP YOUR SICK ASSES AT HOME. At the first sign of collateral involvement (say, I actually get to the cough/sneeze phase) you best believe there will be sick days for me. Digression. Sorry. […]

The iPod shuffle is now just $49!

Must! Get! Blue! Wait. They’re about to launch something better, aren’t they? Like an injectable chip that holds 250 songs and 100 dvds, and plays video in your left eyeball. I’m not falling for Apple’s tactics (again)! Meh. I’ll prolly get one. I certainly can’t afford anything else they release at this point. :-/