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Horrify a teen in one easy step.

My fifteen-year-old brother has been invited to prom. To senior prom. By a senior.
I’m mortified. I had planned on having at least another, oh six months before having to have The Talk with him I was sure my parents would not have. And now this. Tomorrow. Tux and everything. FIFTEEN, DAMNIT!
So I just emailed […]

Saw that coming.

Took him a while, but he’s finally admitted what I suspected. Booty call!
That had been the original plan, but he fucked it all the way up.
I’m in a different place now. I had considered it when he popped up again last month, as a sort of sexual bonus round. I could have sex without increasing […]

Walk it out.

I may be hella late on this, but it just MADE my Wednesday.
h/t Soviet (who is invite only, otherwise I’d link AND point out that he looks extra hottt in cinnamon and white linen. Oops, just did.).

Yes, yes I did buy an $80 ticket to see this man perform for roughly an hour on Friday night. Yes, I, the woman who will walk an extra mile out of her way to get a roll of quarters without a $0.25 service charge, spent $10 on a program. And yes, I also spent […]

Countdown to Eddie.

Yeah, it’s almost time. Friday night I have a date with Ed-stiny. I am once again so excited I could almost peeeeeee myself with hot, wet, ammoniac…excitement. Four day work week! Personal days FTW!
Not related: I’m really glad I opted to take Friday off. I have been thinking lately that I am long overdue for […]


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