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My Best Friend’s Wedding

The second half of my East-side adventure. BFF’s wedding. Cue sap. For all the smack I talk on this blog, about life’s petty inconveniences, minor obstacles, impending poverty and the closetular doom that entails, you should know that I believe in good fortune, in the power of love, in the evidence of goodness and grace, […]

The boring bits. Upon my arrival at BFF’s new house last Thursday evening, there was rain. Buckets and buckets. I had dinner with the bride, her parents, and the groom, chatted a bit, played a bit of PS3 with the happy couple, and then was left to my own devices (more PS3, as I was […]

Dear Oscar Blandi,

Thanks for this Pronto of yours. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to endure five days of travel, culminating in a wedding, on a single blowout. Especially since my DIY-blowout trajectory is basically: Day 1: Fluffy volume, excellent smell, slight texture. Day 2: Perfect volume, excellent smell, perfect combination of sleek texture with […]

Bye-bye, Big Apple.

I’ve finally gotten all of my crap out of storage, and have shipped it all home to Chicago. I am thrilled. No more storage fees, no long-distance relationship with my Puma collection, no more feeling like a nomad. Chicago is, officially, and for the foreseeable future, capital-H-Home. I’ll be on the road for several days […]

Soooooo, yeah. Passwords.

If you give a damn, email me and I’ll send it. It’s not that interesting a post, but the folks discussed therein just overwhelmed me once again with their awesome outside the realm of politics, and I feel guilty, so I’ve locked the post. Oh hell, I may even have forgotten the password already myself.