The boring bits.

Upon my arrival at BFF’s new house last Thursday evening, there was rain. Buckets and buckets. I had dinner with the bride, her parents, and the groom, chatted a bit, played a bit of PS3 with the happy couple, and then was left to my own devices (more PS3, as I was being housed in the killer finished basement, locus of the GIANT FLAT PANEL TV, entertainment center, and the bar. I played Super Bust-a-Move for hours. Foolish, as that would turn out to have been my only opportunity for a full night’s sleep, wasted on popping digital multicolored bubbles.)

Friday, more rain. We picked up flowers for the floral arrangements and shopped for the 80-guest meet-and-greet barbecue with the happy couple, scheduled for Saturday in place of a rehearsal dinner. Friday afternoon, MamaBFF and I set about creating the dozen floral wreaths to be used as the centerpieces in the wedding. Friday evening, BFF’s sister arrived and set immediately to work baking the groom’s cake and the FOUR other desserts she had planned for the barbecue (groom’s cake, carrot cake, apple gallette, napoleon, profiteroles. I’m not joking. She’s magic.) Around 1:30 am, just as SisterBFF finished cake 1, and MamaBFF and I wrapped up wreaths 7 & 8, the deluge and lightning took their toll, and the power cut out. Did I mention the shopping for the barbecue had been done, and something like 40 lbs. of kalbi and enough hot dogs to feed a small army were shoved in the fridge? No? Well, they were. Power returned in time to prevent any intestinal distress bad meat would have caused the guests, but was out long enough for us to give up on wreath duty (well, I did, anyway) and turn in for the night.

Saturday. More rain. More shopping. House prep to receive the crowd of guests who had been promised a barbecue at 4 pm. Something like seven hours of said barbecue, during which I met and/or became reacquainted with BFF’s wonderful group of friends and associates, and met the groom’s family for the first time. They proved to be as hilarious and awesome as expected. After the barbecue: bouquet-making, until about 3 am, when MamaBFF, upon my 58th cavernous yawn, proclaimed with faux-gravitas, “Ugh, Sid-ya ha-p’um-ing, not good.” I was informed that this meant my yawning was a bit of a problem, and was sent down to my Aerobed to get some shut-eye before Wedding Day. I have no idea how brides survive such madness, and even less idea than no idea why anyone would consider doing this more than once.

Sunday. Wedding Day hijinks. Felt like the longest day ever, and it wasn’t even my wedding. After the wedding, which actually flew by, a bunch of us gathered up the leftover floral arrangements, clothes, booze, and other wedding detritus, hauled ourselves back to the couple’s house, changed, and waited for them to return from the groom’s parent’s home. Champagne toasts with the happy couple, who revealed they’d never even had a chance to eat at their own wedding. Decamp to guest quarters to pack and prepare for early morning flight back home as the newlyweds prepare for their early morning honeymoon departure, and the bride’s family prepares to jet off to an extended vacation. I lie awake until nearly 4 am considering the nature of love, the Confucian lessons the bride’s father has been giving me throughout my stay (all this time I thought my personal philosophies were my own hard-won observations, and I learn I’d have been better off reading Confucius. He had a better editor.) and wondering if I can now legitimately include florist and bar back on my resume.

I had such a great time. As busy as those days were, it didn’t feel like work–it was actually fun. BFF’s family (which now includes the hub’s fam) is amazing, and it was evident that those apples did not fall far from their respective trees. I am genuinely honored to be a part of their lives. That’s perhaps creepy, but fuck it. I really am. I figure, if you can’t say that about your friends, you need to reconsider!

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