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I don’t trust the GOP.

I have a hard time believing that high-ranking members of the Republican party are converting in droves because they’ve suddenly had a change of heart. I hear them saying that Palin is the catalyst. And I don’t doubt for a second that she does (and should) scare the hell out of a lot of smart […]

And, AND

I find myself falling for Ben Folds despite my best effort to hate him thanks to a previous lover’s love for him. Okay, I’m seriously very likely done oversharing. For now.

I HATE that new Glade woman. You know, the one who the creatives would have us believe tries to deceive her friends and family with the help of Glade products? The one who pretends to be a hardworking SAHM but who really plays tennis and lunches while her kids and husband go about their daily […]

Hiatus hiatus.

Note to Sarah Palin: 1. I was gonna do a drinking game and take a shot every time you said “maverick” but it quickly became evident that would actually kill me. Expand your vocab and try to get beyond your Cliff’s Notes talking points. 2. Don’t–DO NOT–step to Joe Biden on foreign policy issues he’s […]