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Beefcake and bitchery.

I just saw Transporter 3 with K, and let me tell you, our friend Luc has the formula for these films down to a science: Car chase in the first 10 minutes? Check. Jason topless in the first 30? Check, plus a bonus look at the stems. The top matches the bottom, I assure you. […]

I’m still in the thick of a NIN haze, so I’ve spent the last few days doing what any obsessive fan would to prolong the experience: I’ve been Googling, YouTubing and Wikiing the hell out of anything vaguely NIN related. As is wont to happen, these little digital excursions have led me halfway around the […]

A return to vanity.

Honestly, I’ve lost myself a bit lately. Whether it’s the cat-induced sleep deprivation or just a prolonged bout of don’tgiveadamn, I’m in an appearance rut. I desperately need a haircut. I haven’t seen the inside of a salon since the day after Thanksgiving 2007. Something is going on back there, but most days the hair […]

Dear Trent,

First, fealty my liege: your performance in Minneapolis has inspired me to join your army of maniacally obsessive devotees. One generally doesn’t expect an artist, certainly one so reliant on electronic loops and equipment, to sound even better live, but y’all pulled it off. To wit: and this: and this: My mind, you has blown […]

I’m off to see the Wizard!

The wonder wizard of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHS! Also, Happy Birthday, M!