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Happy New Year!

My mother just came tearing into the room pretending to look for something because she saw me bring a bottle of cava up from the cellar to chill for New Year’s Eve toasts, but didn’t see me stick it in the fridge, so she naturally assumed I was holed up in here hitting the sauce. […]

Merry Christmas and whatnot.

The last week has been a frenzy of inexplicable activity, but I’m hitting the road on Christmas day to see the fam in Philly so: Merry Christmas, y’all! I wish you happiness and success in 2009. If you’re partying this holiday season, do it safely, and if you’re traveling, I wish you a smooth, comfortable, […]

Dear America,

We need to talk. As you may or may not know, media as we know it is dying. I can’t explain it all to you, but there are few salient facts that I think many of us fail to consider or understand when we’re balking at paying more than $12 for a subscription, or griping […]

The Marshalls in Kalamazoo has so much more going for it than the ones in Chicago. Gorgeous HOBO carryalls under $100? Why, yes, yes they’ve got those, in two different styles and colors, and if you want to throw in another $20, you could get even more baggy bang. I skipped the bags because frankly, […]

I didn’t mean to make this a crazy partying holiday season, honestly. It’s just, Uncle Trent sang his doom song for (possibly) the last time, and I needed to drown my sorrows with comrades. And then last weekend, I had to see Divine M, because I missed her, and missed her birthday, and it seemed […]