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Perceived value, my ass.

Friday, I dropped some of my dwindling cash on a short-term membership at my local gym. I hadn’t been in over a month, since about a week after I was laid off, because even though the company-sponsored membership was paid up through January, I was still spending about $5 per day on my mass transit […]

I just…I can’t… No. Words.

The downside to being a cyborg.

Once you start feeling things, leaking saltwater and whatnot, it’s much harder to stop, because you don’t know where it came from, why it all showed up at once, or how to shove it all back into whatever little psychic doombox it previously occupied. I’ll get back to the world once I stop my unpredictable […]

On a lighter note, I’m losing my mind.

Because I really just want to sit here at home watching Dresden Files and Highlander on Hulu (what, have a type, me? Noooooo.) and also watching Troll and Killer Klowns from Outer Space while eating giant bowls of cereal, veering wildly between tittering and sobbing. It could be the job search. Or my period. Or […]

So I was over at Toldja’s blog catching up and I caught this post about that craptastic Renee Zellweger vehicle New in Town. Essentially, New in Town was originally written by a black screenwriter, about a successful black businesswoman who moves to a small town and finds herself the only black person there. But! Things […]