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From the “WHO IN THE HOLY ROLLING MOTHERFUCK APPROVED THIS?!?!” files comes a new steaming pile:
AbFab: America
I don’t know exactly who is responsible for this, but rest assured: I will find you, asshole, and I will tear you a new one.
You want the wonder that is AbFab to reach this side of the Atlantic? […]


I love the internet.
Last night I was kicking around bed ideas (again) and returned to the giant-painted-canvas-as-headboard thing. I popped into Blick yesterday and noticed they had decent sales on pre-stretched canvases, so naturally I began to wonder what direction my hypothetical headboard would take. Triptych or single canvas? (Single.) Bold color, pattern repeat, glam-goth […]

1991 is back with a vengeance.

So NIN has announced what will probably the final NIN tour, and Uncle Trent is bringing Jane’s Addiction along for the ride. Yay.
But Faith No More is regrouping and touring this year, too. (h/t KDC! I would not have known had you not sqeeeeed from the rooftops.) Granted, they’re only touring Europe, but still. Faith […]


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