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Picking up a week of spare grocery cash just for walking a couple of cute little dogs around the ‘hood? Great! Picking up hot, smelly dog crap in a bag? Less great. I’m definitely a cat person, friends. And to the gentleman I like to think of as Mr. After School Special, here’s what you […]

Sheeeeeyah GARBAGE

So yeah, still no job. In other news, since Shas refuses to relaunch her site or start up a new one just for her YouTube finds, here are two videos she’s found that are too good not to share: Furniture for all! And being a victim of sheeeyah GARBAGE!

Siddity and the kitty.

Sid, walking to kitchen, narrowly avoids stepping in pile of cat food nowhere near the cat dish: What the hell? Booger, how did you get this over…oh. You puked. Awwwww, kitty’s first vomit! Did you eat too fast? Cat remains silent and ignores the mess he’s just made in the middle of the floor. Sid: […]

They rise against us at last!

“They” being trees. Gaaaaaaah!

More NO: Ted Nugent edition.

Eh, sometimes the internets hack up something so vile, so unconscionable, so horrifically wrong, I have to shut down and take a humanity hiatus. In this category: “One guy, one cup.” *hurls* I’m not linking it. Ever. Sometimes, though, the netuwebs belch out something priceless in a “You should just have given me that money […]