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I have officially reached the point where I feel I have too many online properties. Between this blog (occasionally tended), the safe-for-people-who-know-my-name-but-aren’t-my-friends blog, the public radio blog (to which I infrequently contribute), the goofy consumer edit I churn out (a few times per week), and the occasional food/drink work I do (in drips and drabs), […]

What’s really cooking?

I like this Chef Roblé’s What’s Really Cooking premise. I mean, I don’t love the turntables. I get it, but really, turntables in your kitchen? I think we as a people can in fact learn without the aid of turntables. Otherwise, though, I like what he’s doing here. I could be biased; he reminds me […]

Economist via Jezebel: Men in western countries have more free time than their lady counterparts, with Italians having the most (an extra 80 minutes per day) and Norwegian men having the least (an extra 4 minutes per day). The US came in sixth, with American men having just under 40 minutes more leisure time than […]

Who approved this steaming pile? ETA: You know, I watched this once more to compare to the American version and it’s pissing me off all over again. Within about 25 seconds, this vid manages to present the black woman with an Afro as the owner of an unmanageable “bush,” followed by “sassy” wink, an Asian […]


I think I’m nearing a bit of a panic attack. I’m horrible at being stressed, essentially because I’m such an even-keel cyborg that I’m not even consciously aware of how stressed I am until something ridiculous happens. Lately, that something is an eyelid twitch and constricted throat. Good lord. I’m choking on semi-failure. It’s the […]