After a light breakfast of a something like a quart of coffee, a bowl of yogurt, and fruit (mostly pineapple and watermelon), I decided I had better make lunch of something that would promote water retention so I could get the hell out of the house at some point today.

Selected? A pack of tasty spicy ramyun, punched up with kimchi for extra tangy hot fiyah. Delicious, fiery, salty. Quick.






As I was expertly preparing said delicacy (read: dumping various packet contents into boiling water, scraping bottom of semi-massive kimchi jar) I realized three things:

1. I am nearly out of kimchi. This ranks near the top of my list of Things That Must Not Happen for the Good of My Sanity and the Subsequent Wellbeing of Mankind.

2. I eat a lot of freaking kimchi.
That jar held a good quart of kimchi. I just bought it two or three weeks ago, and I bought that size thinking, “Well, I’m good on kimchi for at least a coupla months.” Apparently not.

3. My kitchen is like the lunch counter at the U.N..
Or at least it’s like a smaller, messier version of what I imagine a U.N. lunch counter to be. Smoked turkey tails, kimchi, sweet potatoes, black rice, garam masala, anchovie paste – all of it crammed turkey ass-to-elbow mac in my fridge and cupboards.

Is that weird? I don’t feel like anything in my pantry shouldn’t be there, or is or should be regarded as an “exotic” or “special occasion” ingredient, but I also selected my neighborhood partly by gauging accessibility to ethnic markets. I walk 15 minutes in any direction but East and get bacalao, harissa, gojuchang or a nice banh mi sammich (wow, half that list is pepper pastes. I’ve got spice on the brain today).

Anyway. I need to go pick up some more kimchi before I’m actually completely out. Curiosity: is there anything in your fridge others wouldn’t expect, but which you absolutely must have on hand at all times?

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