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I love being a cat person.

Being a cat person means that, even when my cat goes out of his way to upchuck on the one patch of floor covered by my chenille rug, or chews my rental apartment’s blinds to shreds, or destroys my hanging shelves in an attempt to scale them to the overhead storage area, even then, I […]

This morning, my link-hopping led me to this Slate fiction series by Dahlia Lithwick. Now, being neither married nor with children, and now voluntarily removed (fled) from the NY metro-area world of parenting insanity, I’m not incredibly interested in the content of this story. I am, however, very interested in the writer’s process. She effectively […]

Weekend update.

Visited BFF over the Labor Day weekend. I was going to write a song about it, cleverly recounting the tale in verse, but I only got as far as “Nice lady and your hubs/I’m so glad you hosted me/I missed you kids a bunch/Native American wild rice salad was so tasteeeee. Jack Sparrow!” So that […]

Entirely frivolous postery.

As soon as I have money again (and by “have money again” I mean “and have my bills in order” not just “have cash”), I’m hitting up Igigi. This will be mine: That is all.