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Widening the digital divide?

I came across this article today, read it, and clicked through to the original piece the author wrote. If you don’t feel like reading, in essence, both say this: a San Fran-based company, Rapleaf, has made a booming business of digital stalking. It tracks the online haunts of consumers on behalf of businesses like banks, […]

New feature!

Welcome to WTF Wednesday! Where you can has a big ol’ scoop of dublya tee eff: I like Bai Ling if only for her consistent ability to scare me and out-WTF?! herself.

Protected: On the proving grounds.*

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Ab. Solute. Fuckery.

You have 15 minutes? Watch this: And now, watch this response video: *walking away from the internets* *coming back* I would like to let it be known that I– *giving up, walking away again.*

However you say it, 2010 is upon us.

I choose to say “twenty-ten.” It’s short and sweet. I welcomed the year in spectacular (or spectacularly dull) fashion: sprawled comfortably in my own rumpled, cozy bed. I had perhaps more opportunities for partying this New Year’s Eve than in any year prior, and instead I spent most of the evening alone in bed. Now, […]